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Most common criminal offenses during spring break

Posted on Dec 30, 2015 by in Arrests | 0 comments

Florida never fails to be on the top spot for spring breakers – Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach, Kaywest, Miami, and many more of these white, exciting beaches are hotbed of spring fun and exhilaration. And this is not just for the locals. Spring breakers across the country gather together on these vacation spots for a fun-filled escapade.

Accoridng to Time, spring breakers trudge to the shores of Florida since the 60s. However, during the 80s, when criminality was beginning to rise, various towns along the shoreline began implementing stricter laws to minimize the students’ dangerous behaviors. It even came to a point when Mayor Robert Dressler of Fort Lauderdale had to announce in a morning TV show that spring breakers were no longer welcome in their town due to unruly spring breaker behavior and increased criminality.

If spring break destinations are a perfect place to let loose, these are also perfect trouble spots. Here are the most common spring break charges:

  • DUI – According to the Flaherty Defense Firm website, a charge of DUI may not only result in legal fees, it may also tarnish your reputation and could possibly affect your professional life. Ultimately, DUI may lead to irreversibly injurious, sometimes even tragic car crash.
  • Drug charges – Drug use has been a major safety concern during spring break. According to the website of Brent Horst, Attorney at Law, among the most controlled substances ceased during spring breaks are heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine.
  • Sexual abuse/rape – In March this year, Washington Times reported how Panama City Beach, Florida, was dealing with an increasing number of reported rape and sexual assault cases during spring breaks. Between 2007 and 2014, 42 known cases of rape have been recorded in the city, making it among the nation’s spring break destinations with high criminality rate.
  • Assault – Spring break towns across the country are now implementing more stringent ordinances to fight against assault. These laws include barring of alcohol sales past a certain period of time and the prohibition of drinking alcohol on public parks and commercial lots.

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